Occams Laser Announces New Record, New Blood + Exclusive Stream + Interview

Hot off the presses, Occams Laser has a new album on the way and we’ve got your first look at New Blood, due out March 2nd. This is his first full length since signing to synthwave powerhouse TimeSlave Recordings!  Speaking of TimeSlave Recordings, thanks to them you can check out an exclusive stream below of the new song, Left Behind.

How great is it to hear new Occams Laser?!? As one of the premiere dark synth acts in the world, a new album is most certainly sure to create waves of excitement and anticipation. I had a great conversation about his successful year in 2017, vinyls, and your chance to see Occams Laser live! Check out the official album artwork for New Blood below and then continue scrolling to catch my interview with Occams Laser!


It’s almost time for a new Occams Laser release! Can you give us any teasers on what to expect?

It’s been a while! The longest gap since I started this project back in 2015. But this was all for good reason; my plan from now on is to focus more on the quality of my music, producing fewer releases but all higher quality. This new album titled ‘New Blood’ is a dark crunchy monster! Full to the brim with brooding energy and a sinister but enjoyable undertone.

2017 was a big year for you. What do you think this year has in store for you?

It’s true last year was pretty amazing! But this year is set to be just as exciting, more music, more vinyl, getting married, and probably some more music on top of that!

Did you ever think you’d see your work on vinyl? What was that experience like?

Making music nowadays is very strange as it’s mostly made digitally. You sit making digital music, listening to it digitally and it doesn’t feel like it really exists. So when TimeSlave Recordings offered me the chance to get my music on vinyl…I jumped at the opportunity! It’s something I’ve always wanted to try but always looked at it as too expensive a gamble. When I got my blood red vinyl through the post it was amazing! The whole album finally felt real, ironically ascending ‘Ascension’. The new album will also be getting a vinyl release via TimeSlave Recordings, so I’ll be getting all excited waiting for my copy all over again!

Big synthwave festivals are popping up this year. Any chance of seeing live Occams Laser any time soon?

Yes!! Finally!! I’ll be playing my first live gig in July at Retro Future Fest in London. It’s one hell of a line-up which I’m extremely happy to be part of. Now all I need to do is figure out how to play my music live in a way that I can put on a proper show! Rest assured there will not be just me stood behind a laptop pressing play.

Alright, back to the new music, what process do you go through when you’re writing new work?

When writing music I tend to just make a lot of short demo tracks of around a minute long and then leave them to the side for a while. When I come back to them; if they have any potential I then try and expand them. Whilst doing that I also try and gauge what sort of feel or theme that the tracks might work with. Then from that I can usually flesh out the tracks even further. ‘New Blood’ started as my ‘new dad’ album, new blood being the new baby. However I quickly realised it was all rather dark and probably inappropriate to link to my newborn son! Instead the album became thematically based around the idea of a synthetic blood created to control people! This blood takes control of the host like a parasite and seeks to spread and start the cycle anew. Not too dissimilar to any zombie movie trope I guess but with a modern edge.

Any parting words before we go?

As always I have to say a massive thank you to the team at Echosynthetic! I am always extremely grateful to you and your readers who help support and allow music such as mine to thrive amongst the cutthroat and volatile music industry!

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