World Premiere: Blurred City Lights / Volker

I am absolutely thrilled to be shining a light on the brand new record from Blurred City Lights. Volker is their second full length record, but their first in four years. The duo of multi-instrumental wizards Dean Garcia and Jarek Leskiewicz have been busy in the interim, working together on the previous SPC ECO album Calm, among other things. The songwriting chemistry between these two is almost unparalleled. The moment you press play on Volker you’re immediately absorbed into the work of two masterclass artists at the top of their game. You can’t fake quality like this.

Trying to lump Blurred City Lights into a category or genre is almost certainly going to sell them short in some way. They paint vivid soundscapes in such a way that it’s almost impossible to put into words what it’s like to listen. Volker is an album that’s begging to be experienced and explored…an album that feels like some new wonderful world just waiting to be discovered. You’re not going to be able to put your finger on specific influences or obvious parallels with other bands because Dean and Jarek have created something special with Volker. They’re setting trends, not following them.

Don’t just take my word for it…check out Dean and Jarek talking about how the songs came to be and how their writing process works!

“As the room goes dark, the crowd sparks up as first flickers of light begin to take shape, your eyes hypnotically follow the random wide scattered bleeps and pulses of light fractals,” explains Dean Garcia. “When the familiar dark core drones move in the crowd is already going wild and then the bass drops, wrapping around everyone in a singular glow, more sparks, more flickers as the fuzzy sequencers jar the senses before the huge boom of the drums break through the flash of light to blur your mind and shunt you into the 5D world of Blurred City Lights. ‘Volker’ is all about these elements”.

“This record came to life quite naturally. We started sketching ideas and writing songs with BCL project in mind again at the start of December 2017. Early on I presented a collection of various images that I made throughout the year. Dean was always very stimulated by evocative visuals and right away pointed at the first one and said that it should be the cover art for our new release. I agreed. I think that image motivated/inspired us quite a bit and sealed the fate of the record as a creative vision that must be completed,” says Jarek Leskiewicz.

With contributions by Rose Berlin (SPC ECO), Adriana, and Filippo Gaetani on vocals, as well as Steve Monti (Jesus & Mary Chain, SPC ECO) and WomBBaby, Volker maintains a varied and exciting approach, never once approaching a dull moment. Musical experiences like this are few and far between and it’s times like this that make the musical time we are in so exciting! You can find the record right now exclusively at the Blurred City Lights Bandcamp page, along with their previous (and highly recommended work!).

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