World Premiere: Kini – I Too Overflow / Dudu (Play) Double A-Side

I’m always excited any time I get the opportunity to give a glimpse of something ahead of the curve, but when an artist like Kini comes along it really intensifies my belief that I’m in the right business. Her double A-Side for I Too Overflow / Dudu (Play) is a stark reminder that there are still artists out there pioneering new frontiers of music. The release, which heralds the upcoming full length album A Room of One’s Own ( both are due out April 6th on The Sublunar Society), shows that not only is Kini willing to take musical risks, she has a deft talent for creating unique, challenging, and ultimately rewarding soundscapes. The sheer range of influences that have been blended into these two tracks make pigeonholing this music a difficult task, and honestly, that’s the most exciting thing about it. Don’t just take my word on this though…I’ve got the goods here to back it up. We’ve got a “Hear it Here First” exclusive on both of her new tracks!


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