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How To Tie Up Hair Without Damaging?

How To Tie Up Hair Without Damaging?
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The ponytail hairstyle is very popular and the most common form of the hairstyle. This hairstyle suits all situations and weather. But, if you tie your hair regularly, it can damage your hair. It can cause severe hair loss in extreme cases. There are some tricks and techniques to keep your hair healthy preventing damage even if you tie it. So you can learn them to tie up hair without damaging.

Tips To Prevent Hair Damage

  • Wet Hair– Never tie your hair immediately after the shower when your hair is wet. The hair becomes weak during the wet stage. The damage can be more intense due to this. You should dry your hair well before tying it. Avoid hair tie damage by following this technique.

  • Using Serum– You can apply a serum to your hair before tying it into a pony. This helps the tie to slid over hair without pulling or snagging it. It further adds a nice shine to your hair.
  • Different Hair Styles– You can use different styles with your hair to prevent damage. Some hair ties don’t damage Hair. The high ponytails are the worst to cause breakage of hair. This gives stress if the hair is pulled tightly. You can alternate the tight and loose ponytails to restore health to your hair.
  • Keep Hair Lose During Sleep– You can keep the hair loose during the sleep. This gives the scalp some time to recover. If you use silk or satin pillows, instead of cotton, the hair glides on the fabric. This avoids pulling while you move during the night.
  • Use Fabric Ties– Try to use always fabric hair ties. This is one of the vital tips to keep your hair healthy during ponytail tie-up. Metal and elastic bands will create damage, unlike fabric bands.

prevent hair damage

  • Hair Line Pulling– Avoid pulling the hairline too tight. You need to pay attention to your hairline while you tie your hair into a ponytail. Your hair is very weak at the hairlines and can lead to breakage.
  • Be Slow When You Take Your Hair Down– Pay careful attention while you take your hair down. Take your time to unwind the hair instead of tugging the tie out. This causes the snapping.

You can enjoy your ponytail if you follow the above tips and can prevent the damage to your hair.